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Curriculum Vitae: Crazy Gin

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Inspired by Todd McClary’s posts about the games he has created, I thought I’d share the only game I’ve ever come up with.

Crazy Gin
(Card game)

Two players are dealt seven cards each. One player plays gin rummy and the other player plays crazy eights. Both ignore the fact that the other person is playing by different rules. The only slight changes are

  1. The person playing gin always goes first (so that the first up card isn’t lost), and
  2. When the person playing gin discards an eight, she must declare a suit for the crazy eights player.

I invented this game in college one day, being unable to decide with a friend which of the two games to play. While a bit confusing (and frustrating!) at first due to the other player not behaving the way you would expect, it quickly becomes as easy as playing either game. Crazy Gin has not been *extensively* play-tested but it does appear fair. If, however, the person playing gin is very skilled, she may have an advantage. In this case the obvious handicap is to start the crazy eights player with only six cards.

One Comment

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