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Introducing Crossword Dash


Yesterday, at the September 2015 Southern California Puzzle Party, I introduced a game called Crossword Dash. It’s a bluffing game along the lines of Balderdash (TM), but instead of guessing the definition to a word, the players guess a clue corresponding to an entry from a terrible crossword. Aside from a few technical snafus, the game went well and it appeared people had a good time.

If this sounds fun to you but you couldn’t be there yesterday, I have good news! You can play this game any time you like at The game is completely free, and pre-loaded with 150+ pairs of terrible clues/answers. I don’t think people will get a lot of use out of it since it is a pretty niche game, but if you’re ever around like-minded crossword people (say, at a crossword tournament or puzzle hunt) it turns out to be a pretty fun party game. You just need one person to host, and everyone playing has to have an internet-connected device.

Please do try it out and give me your feedback! This was a fun thing to make and I hope people have some fun playing it.

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