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September 13, 2015
by Alex

Introducing Crossword Dash

Yesterday, at the September 2015 Southern California Puzzle Party, I introduced a game called Crossword Dash. It’s a bluffing game along the lines of Balderdash (TM), but instead of guessing the definition to a word, the players guess a clue … Continue reading

September 14, 2014
by Alex

Puzzle Party Idea

Here in the Los Angeles area, puzzle-minded people like myself gather every two months for what we like to call a “puzzle party.” Several regulars will bring puzzles or games and we’ll solve them as a group. In the most … Continue reading

December 27, 2013
by Alex

French crosswords

It turns out crosswordese is universal. — Alex Boisvert (@al_ex_b) August 21, 2013 I’ve been solving some French crosswords lately (well, trying to) and let me tell you, they are desperately in need of a Margaret Farrar-type figure there. … Continue reading